About Boca Raton Emergency Restoration - Boca Raton, FL


Boca Raton Emergency Restoration Boca Raton, FL 561-288-2566Boca Raton Emergency Restoration has earned a name for itself after working very hard for all these years, placing its customers’ interest ahead of its own. For more than two decades, we have sustained tough competition in Boca Raton, FL area to become the most trusted service provider for restoration of fire, water, smoke, mold or other such damages to your property. We may have started small, but today we have expanded across the region, servicing commercial and residential clients alike. We not only have the finest tools and technologies in our repertoire, but also a team of professionals who are as good as their restoration gears.

We took our own sweet time to reach where we are today and we are very proud of the trust our clients placed in our hands. They call us for anything from mold removal to full-blown structural reconstruction! Our scope of work is only limited by your imagination. You have a restoration task on your hands, you call us at 561-288-2566 and let our experts find a solution for you.

Our work philosophy

When you call us with your concern, Boca Raton Emergency Restoration gives you an assurance that the issue will be tackled with utmost priority. We believe that a distress call that is not addressed promptly is a failed commitment. This is why we reach your location in merely half an hour and start the remedial process before it causes anymore damage. We promise to salvage as much of your property as is reasonably possible.

Our pillars of strength

Our strength lies in our team of technicians who work night and day to ensure that our clients get the support they want in their hour of need. You don't become an emergency contact without proving yourself to be reliable! No matter where you are in Boca Raton, FL area, if you need remediation services, you can count on us for support. Just call us and leave the rest to us. No fire disaster or water damage is too complex for our experts.

Innovation at its best

If you think you can perform DIY remedial steps at home after water damage, then you are mistaken. Flooding or burst pipe situations may appear manageable at the face of it. You may even go to great lengths to dry the water out of your furniture and carpet. But what about all that water that seeped into the floor or the moisture that is entrapped in wall cracks? Don't try dealing with these things from your end. Call us. We know what to do and how to do it. We have the best tools and infrastructure to curtail the damage and restore it to its pre-damage condition.

Committed to serve

Surviving in the industry for 20-years takes lot of work and effort. We may have grown in size, but our values remain the same. We take our commitment towards our clients very seriously. When you call us after a natural disaster or for your restoration needs, we spring into action immediately. Our stellar customer service is one of our shining qualities.

Why wait for damage to get out of control? Call us now at 561-288-2566 and reclaim your life from the disaster.